The basic building block of 1WNY4U is the individual volunteer.

We organize our individual volunteers as follows:

Creativity Squad                         Squad Leader: Josh Mahaney

Creativity Squad designs and publishes creative products, inclusive of logos, posters, social media sites, etc., in order to advertise and promote 1WNY4U’s current initiatives. Creativity Squad does not promote specific organizations, only our initiatives, unless otherwise agreed upon and given written permission by the organization.

Donation Platoon                       Platoon Leader: Katrina Whitlow

Donation Platoon will canvass local businesses and organizations in order to gain monetary and product support for 1WNY4U’s current initiatives and/or partner organizations. The Donation Platoon works closely with the fundraising staff of local organizations to ensure uniformity in mission, policy and practice.

Ground Patrol                             Company Leader: Jason Hall

Ground Company, our largest group of volunteers, will be responsible for canvassing high traffic business districts and highly populated residential neighborhoods to provide information to, and register, potential volunteers to support BVA’s current initiatives or the needs of partner organizations. This includes delivering presentations, setting up sign-up tables, and going door to door to promote 1WNY4U initiatives and sign up volunteers.


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